Bruce Kingsbury has expertise on a variety of topics in wildlife management, conservation, and academia. He is on numerous advisory boards and committees, and speaks and consults on these topics regularly.

Topics on which Bruce can speak and consult with authority:

  • Wildlife conservation and management
  • Snakes
  • Sustainability
  • Climate change
  • Leadership development


Environmental Resources Center (ERC)

The ERC is one of the Centers of Excellence at Purdue University Fort Wayne. The mission of the ERC is to promote the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of the region through scientific research, educational opportunities and outreach. Visit the ERC web page to learn more.

Research projects include work on the ecology of animals and plants, and also on land management practices. The “staff” is largely engaged Purdue Fort Wayne faculty and their students, both undergraduate and graduate.

In addition to conducting research, ERC associates actively participate in education and outreach with the community, routinely serve on advisory boards, and give public presentations on a variety of topics.