2018    Outstanding Research Award. This is the highest award on campus for research and other creative endeavors.

2018    Fellow Award by the Indiana Academy of Sciences.

2018    Honor a Graduate, Escondido Union School District. Inaugural year of program.

2017    Lowell W. Beinecke Award. Highest honor in the College of Arts and Sciences, “occasionally awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions of scholarship, teaching and service to the liberal arts and sciences.”

2017    Nominated for President of the Indiana Academy of Sciences.

2016    Member of the inaugural class of IPFW’s new Leadership Academy. The inaugural class was selected based on recognized leadership capabilities. I then became a member of the PFW Leadership Academy Planning Team.

2009    Pippert Research Scholar.  College recognition, invited lecture and cash award for outstanding research program.

2009    College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Lecturer. Invited lecture to recognize outstanding scholarly endeavor.