I have been creating sculptures using a variety of wires, either as single strands or bundles. I use the different types of metal to get various effects. What can I make for you? If you want to comment on the work or make suggestions for pieces, shoot me an email!

Jewelry Trees

These examples are designed to hang on a wall so they are out of the way. They are made from scrap copper cable with solid strands that my friend Andy gave me to work with many years ago (Where did he find it?). I largely release the strands from their braid and reweave for structural stability.

The strands on this first sculpture are 12″ long and the pendant stone is cracked river rock. 
This sculpture is made from 15″ strands, with a piece of sandstone as the pendant.

Single Wire Sculptures

Bruce’s rule is that the single strand must capture the essence of the organism in three dimensions. That turns out to be challenging.

Praying Mantis – 5″
Snail – 6″ made of of some old baling wire. Nice rustic look.

Ring Tree (of Life?) and Freeform Sculptures

Tree of Life. 14 and 24 Gauge copper wire. 10inch diameter.
“Perseverance” is made of fifteen strands of 18 gauge copper wire wound above and into a cool split river stone base. There are about 20 ft of wire in this one!
Here is one I am working on later December 2020. Tree of Life with integrated stone. Wire is unwoven cable